Springtime Activities with Team Lula

Springtime Activities with Team Lula

Spring is one of our team’s favorite seasons because of the flowers blooming, buds bursting, the near-perfect weather here in Philo, and America’s National Pastime is back in action! Springtime brings a feeling of optimism and hope, as we look forward to all the activities we enjoy doing. From throwing some bags in a game of cornhole to simply planting potatoes, you’ll find us indulging in the season with a sense of renewal!

Proprietor, Ken Avery

For Proprietor Ken Avery, spring is such an exciting time because of the extended daylight and warm nights. He enjoys sitting in the backyard with family and friends, having dinner, playing cornhole, and watching his San Francisco Giants on the outdoor TV.

It’s also a time for some of his passions to kick off in full swing (literally). He’s been a lifelong baseball and SF Giants fan since he can remember. The countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training always lets him know that spring is here! The crack of the bat, the taste of an all-beef hot dog, listening to Kruk and Kuip announce the games, and this year, the hope of attending a game in person are a few things he’s looking forward to.  

When Ken has free time, he umpires baseball games at the high school level and volunteers for Little League, where he gets a lot of pleasure and comradery working on the umpire training staff. For him, it’s important to give back to the community, and being a volunteer umpire is one of those ways.

And then there is the vineyard.—as the days get warmer and the vines start to come out of their dormancy. It’s so much fun for Ken to see the vines getting pruned because it’s the sure sign that the next growing season has begun. Bud break and fruit set give the team the needed insight to start imagining how great the vintage will be.

To Ken, spring is really the beginning of the year!

Wine Club Manager, Joni Avery 

When Joni isn’t watching her husband, Ken, umpire Little League games or root on the SF Giants, her favorite part of spring is experiencing the daily blooms in her yard! Each spring something new appears in her front yard, which always represents new beginnings and opportunities.

Winemaker, Matt Parish

Matt plans on enjoying time with his family and discovering new springtime activities together. As you probably guessed, he is also very busy out in the vineyard, and we recently bottled the 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir. 

Let’s just say we had the opportunity to taste this beauty, and it’s a prediction for a great season ahead! Make sure you’re on our mailing list to stay up-to-date on when the 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir will be released.

Tasting Room Host, Kim Badenhop 

With Dungeness crab and wild mushroom seasons winding down and nothing to replace them, as a chef, Kim finds spring to be the most challenging season for local fare. While he loves asparagus, uses for ramps, wild onions, and green garlic—all delicious but with fleeting seasons—are limited, and his “spring” lamb won’t land in his freezer until closer to summer.

Since he was a kid, Kim has always had a fascination with potatoes. It started after he planted some at his parents’ suggestion. He finds it remarkable that he can plant one and later dig up many. He thinks not seeing the process, as we do with above-ground vegetables, adds to the mystery. Last summer, he had some unused Yukon golds sitting on his kitchen counter. The longer they sat, the less likely he was to use them. Eventually, the eyes sprouted. He took them out back and planted them in a raised bed. 

A couple of months later, he harvested some of the best Yukon golds he’s ever had. So, this spring, Kim decided to order some seed potatoes of a German variety called Carola. A local gentleman farmer used to custom-grow them for his restaurant. They’re probably the tastiest potato he’s ever had, in addition to being the most versatile. It’s going to be a tastier spring than normal for Kim!

Tasting Room Manager, Dan Reed

Dan’s spring begins on the day following the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year with the least amount of light. He thrives on being outdoors and treasures the long evenings until the Summer Solstice. On June 21st, the days, light, and warmth slowly evolve. It’s a time of renewal for Dan in which he reminds himself that he’s surrounded by the natural beauty of the Anderson Valley and the close-knit family here.

His renewal always includes a promise to catch up with family and friends and to try something that he’s never done before! Of course, Dan’s springtime activities include throwing the tennis balls for Kepler to retrieve and pouring wine for the Lula community at the tasting room.

Dan wishes everyone good health this season!

Each of our team members has a unique story and activity they love most during spring! If you need something to do to enjoy this wonderful season, join us for a springtime tasting, or if you need something to sip on to savor the season, explore our online shop

Don’t forget, while you celebrate the new season, capture the moments! Submit your favorite photo and caption sharing the story behind your Lula Cellars Lifestyle for a chance to win a special prize. The Life with Lula photo contest ends on Friday, April 30th, at 11:59 PST. We hope Lula can be a part of your springtime moments!

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