Introducing: Our Best Furiends

Introducing: Our Best Furiends

Dan and Kepler going for a joy ride around our Philo estate

We couldn’t let this year’s National Pet Day go by without recognizing the best furiends in our lives—the ones who stay loyally by our side, the ones who will do anything for a belly rub, the ones we can’t live without. 

Not that any of us need a special excuse to do so, but National Pet Day is the annual holiday to show the endless love we have for our pets, and there’s no wrong way to celebrate it—whether it’s a simple dedication post on social media, a little spoiling with some sweet “T-R-E-A-T”s, or even paying it forward to your local shelters and rescues. 

At Lula Cellars, we pride ourselves on welcoming our guests and all their furry friends to our tasting room. We’re so lucky to have the joy, comfort, support, and connection our pets bring to our lives, and big or small, we love to see them all. And with that, we introduce you to the best furiends of our Lula family and beyond!

Kepler, Greeter and Barketing Intern

Kepler is a rescue dog from Sonoma who joined the team in August 2020. He is about seven years old and has taken immediately to the laid-back life of a winery dog. He can be seen lying around the tasting room, barking at the frogs in the pond, or driving up and down Highway 128 with his constant companion, Dan, in the iconic Morris Minor.

Paisley, The Old Gal

Paisley is Ken and Joni’s rescue dog. She’s going on 14 years old, so she spends less time in the tasting room these days, preferring to hang out at home. When you do see her, she’s either playing with Kepler, saying hi to the visiting dogs, or sleeping. She definitely understands the job of a winery dog.

A few more furry fans of Lula…

Over the years, we’ve been so fortunate to see so many friendly and furry faces come into our Philo estate. While our most frequent visitors are dogs, we’ve also met a few more uncommonly seen animals at our property, including a rabbit, a rooster, and even a donkey! Large or small, feather or fur, each and every pet always finds its way to putting smiles on our faces, and we can’t wait to meet the many more to come. 

Starting in May through September, we’re going to be extending our tasting schedule to Thursday through Monday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Soon to be open for tastings five days a week, this Summer is the perfect time to visit with your friends and family (furry ones included!). Book your trip to the Anderson Valley today—we can’t wait to host you all!

P.S. Show us how you’re spending this special day with your special pal(s) by tagging us on your next post!

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