Giving Tuesday: Make An Impact

Giving Tuesday: Make An Impact

Giving Tuesday is a day to give back to organizations and causes that are near and dear to your heart. For us, the love of animals is a universal team bond. If you’ve joined us through the years up in the Anderson Valley, you’ve seen numerous furry friends swimming in the estate pond or taking a nap on the tasting room floor.

Through Friday, December 10th, 10% of all sales in the tasting room AND online will go directly to the Humane Society of Sonoma County in helping to protect and rescue animals.  

This organization holds a special place in our hearts as Kepler and Zeke were both rescued by Lula team members Dan Reed and Kim Badenhop. Help our team make an impact in finding every animal a furever home, just like our sweet Zeke and Kepler did.

Zeke’s Story

Owner Kim Badenhop

Zeke came from a major dog rescue that the Humane Society of Sonoma County made well out of their territory, 195 miles north of Santa Rosa, in Redding. A breeder of Finnish Lapphunds had fallen ill and could not properly care for her dogs for a lengthy period of time. Sixty-one dogs were rescued from just older than puppy age, up to about 16 years. All were living in squalor, with lice, gastrointestinal infections, and many with advanced dental disease. This rescue made international news. 

Roughly it can cost on average $1,000 to bring each dog back to good health. Donations were received from as far as Australia, and a British woman made and sent 61 collars, one for each dog.

Kim heard about the rescue on a Bay Area news program and decided to apply to adopt one of the dogs. To the Humane Society’s credit, their vetting program was quite stringent. They received well over 100 adoption applications and wanted to meet the people, have the people meet the dogs, and make sure that each home would be suitable for each animal.  

It seemed that many of the dogs had one sort of “issue” or another. Zeke’s issue was that loud noises scared him. Kim put his name in to adopt him but was second on the list. Zeke was homed at a property abutting a state highway. The Humane Society decided that this home was too noisy for him, so Kim became his lucky and very grateful adoptor. The Lappie rescue took place on Zeke’s third birthday, making his birthday something truly special every year. Kim and Zeke have an unbreakable bond, and Kim can’t thank the Humane Society enough for giving animals hope for adoption.

Kepler’s Story

Owner Dan Reed

Kepler was rescued by Dan Reed just about 17 months ago from the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Before Kepler’s time with Dan, he lived in Healdsburg with a family who just knew he needed more love and attention than they could give him at the time. Dan was immediately engaged with the 56-pound Yellow Lab when they were introduced at the Humane Society, Healdsburg Campus. 
A wish list for Dan in finding his perfect match: had to be good with kids, good with other dogs, and of course, must be good with adults. Not only does Kepler meet these expectations and beyond, finding Kepler was Lula winning the dog lottery. If you’ve joined us in the tasting room, nine times out of ten, Kepler has greeted you upon arrival, knowing everybody up and down the Valley… or at least they know him.
Kepler loves his new home! He goes down to the edge of the pond and barks at the frogs, each step going deeper and deeper into the pond… but has not yet begun to swim even when tempted by a tennis ball to be retrieved from the middle of the pond. Dan and Kepler love to go on car rides with his “doggles” on and wearing his favorite red bandana. Dan considers himself very lucky to have been matched with Kepler and can’t thank the Humane Society enough for making it possible.
We hope you’ll help give a gift that gives back! Our team loves seeing all the furiends that come in for a visit, and we enjoy hearing about their story. Share your pet’s story with us by sending us an email, tagging us on social media, or even giving us a call. Every animal deserves a loving home! Learn more about the Humane Society of Sonoma County and ways to give back here.

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