A Look Back at Harvest 2022

A Look Back at Harvest 2022

The grapes are in, and so are the first looks into the 2022 vintage! From the initial pickings of Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer to the processing of our Chardonnay and Rosé, we’ve had a blast through every step of the harvest season. As of last weekend, the Lula Vineyard is fully picked and the last of the remaining Pinot Noir grapes arrived at the winery Monday morning. As we wrap up the season, take a look back at a few Harvest 2022 highlights along the way!

Prepping for Harvest

First Pick + Harvest Moon

Crushing + Destemming


Rescue Block Arrives!

Rescue Block grapes arrive at the winery. This year, we ran two different experiments in the vineyard to help prevent cluster dehydration and sunburning on the south side of the vines.

Final Collection

Celebrating the start of fall the only way we know how — with wine and food pairings!

Today is the first day of fall! Do you know what that means? Cozy sweaters, pumpkin-spiced everything, and, of course, your favorite fall-time wine and food pairings!

2019 Peterson Vineyard Pinot Noir + Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Cooler weather and soup go hand in hand. As soon as the temperature drops, we crave a bowl of our favorite fall go-to — roasted butternut squash paired with our 2019 Peterson Pinot Noir, full of vibrant aromas and flavors of violet, cherry, and wild berry.

2019 Costa Vineyard Pinot Noir + Autumn Fruit Salad

Salads can often be perceived as a summer dish, but we’ve added some fall flair to a fruit salad to create a must-try autumn fare! This orchard fruit-infused dish is an excellent choice to pair with our 2019 Costa Vineyard Pinot Noir.

2020 Guntly Red Blend + Pumpkin Crumb Cake Muffins

For that fall-time pumpkin kick, we love to indulge in pumpkin crumb cake muffins for a Lula nightcap featuring our Pinot Noir-driven blend, 2020 Guntly Red. With this tasty combo on the menu, you’re in for the perfect cozy weather treat!

The grapes may be picked, but that doesn’t mean the vineyards aren’t just as beautiful this time of year! Ring in the fall season with an intimate wine tasting at our estate, or celebrate from home with a sumptuously seasonal wine and food pairing. Thanks for going on a journey with us as we look back at the highlights from the Harvest 2022 season—see you again next year!

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